1+1 is 2. 

This obvious, certain and undeniable.

1 + 1 is always going to be 2, but what of it?

I am conscious of this formula because I have heard it all my life. Anytime someone is trying to justify something or tell you that something is obvious they give you this well worn example.

But what is not so obvious or certain or undeniable for example is what the important part of that formula is and I don’t think most people understand it.

Is it the number on either side? The one plus one and the two, or is it the equal sign that is so fascinating?

My argument here is that many times we miss the point. It is the equal sign that proves to be most interesting and the most important part of the forumla because after all what the hell is one and one anyway? Roses? Money? Trees? Thoughts?

So as much as 1+1 is 2, so is 3-1+2, so is 2+1+1, as is A+B=AB.

What is truly fascinating is the part that most people gloss over and don’t care to spend any time musing over. 

We apply the same luck buster effort to our own lives. We see formulas and scripts we have written before. We keep going over them like a five year old, telling ourselves that this is who we are, this is what life is and there isn’t anything at all we can do about it, but that is not right. That is our version of the story and only one version of the story. We have a formula but there are many formulas out there and we should care to follow them.

Why not?

What do you have to lose? 


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@franckinjapan